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Cash For Houses

As cash home buyers, we pay cash for houses nationwide with NO repairs and NO fees. When you're ready to get started on your free cash offer, just fill out the form below!

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Cash For My House

At Cash For Houses 7, you can get cash for your house to avoid the headaches and hassles that come with selling real estate traditionally. We have a local team of house buyers in each market who are ready to buy your home ASAP. Come find out if we're the home buyers for you!

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We've helped countless homeowners across the country sell their home quickly, honestly, and for a fair price. If finding a real estate agent, paying commission fees, making repairs, scheduling a real estate appraisal along with everything else going on in your life sounds like too much, we pay cash for houses as-is!

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"Cash For Houses 7 helped my husband and I so much. We needed to move last minute due to relocating for the military and I did not have time to work with a real estate company. The team understood I had so much on my plate and couldn't make any repairs prior to selling. I'm so glad Cash For Houses 7 gave us a great cash offer and handled all the stress and repairs for us."




We Buy Houses For Cash

We buy houses for cash and have helped hundreds of homeowners in all kinds of situations. From struggling to pay your mortgage to probate to just wanting a simple home sale process where you can avoid an agent and home appraisal... we make home sales simple no matter the real estate troubles you're facing. Not many companies or investors can say the same.

we buy houses for cash


Unable to pay your mortgage anymore? If a smaller home and simpler life sounds freeing, we pay cash for real estate. No more lender notices in the mail.

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When life gives you lemons, make money fast through a simple home sale. We'll make you a free cash offer for your home, so you can downsize and pay off any bills.

we buy cash for houses


Inheriting real estate that you don't want to be responsible for? We get it-- as house buyers, we purchase probate properties from sellers (even when you're out of state!)

cash for my house now


Selling your home on the open market with an agent means you have to repair, clean, leave during open houses, and pay the agent... Or, you can sell as-is with us!

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Selling your house on the open market during divorce can cause more strife than its worth. We offer a faster and easier way to sell your home. No repairs. No fees.   

fast cash for houses


At Cash For Houses 7, we purchase real estate in 7 days. No lender financing. No waiting for your home to sell while you still pay the mortgage and taxes. 


How To Get Cash For Your House

You know you can sell your house, but how do get cash for your house at a fair price? We walk every seller through our 3 step home buying process. Unlike a traditional sale with a real estate agent, you can receive a free cash offer and have cash in your bank within 7 days or on your timeline. If you think selling real estate on the open market moves too slow, an off-market sale might be for you...


Once you submit our form, we'll get started on your free offer! No hassles.


We research your property and make you an offer over the phone!


Close in as quick as 7 days! Money in your bank account and your home SOLD!


All Cash Offer For Your House!

An all cash offer with no repairs is a great fit for many home sellers. If you've been looking for a simple home sale that closes on your schedule, come check us out! You can request a free cash offer by submitting the form below!

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We Pay Cash For Houses!

We pay cash for houses, so you can sell off market without the hassles. As a cash buyer, we make the home sale process convenient by removing the mortgage lender, agent, home appraisal, repairs, and fees. Plus, there's no commission to pay to real estate agents or closing fees! We strive to make your home sale simple, fast, and easy!

we pay cash for houses


Unlike other we buy houses companies... No repairs. No cleaning!

pay cash for houses


Why pay agent commission, when you can sell as-is for cash?!

people who pay cash for houses


We pay the closing costs and charge NO real estate fees.

cash for houses companies


Sell your home in 7 days or on your schedule! We buy houses fast.

companies that pay cash for houses


When we make you a cash offer there are NO obligations.

cash for houses near me


Submit our form, get your free offer, and get paid! 1, 2, 3... SOLD!


Selling Without A Real Estate Agent

Selling a home without a real estate agent is becoming more common. But, there are SO many companies and investors that it's getting harder to find legitimate companies who aren't scams. At Cash For Houses 7, we have positively impacted hundreds of homeowners, which is why our brand is trusted amongst sellers nationwide!


We are a real estate company committed to putting the home seller first. Our simplified home selling process lets you sell fast for a fair price without paying service fees like most cash buyer companies.


Buying houses is what we do for a living. If you need to sell your house fast, we are a team of local real estate investors who can quickly help you. We purchase real estate even if its in terrible condition.

get cash for my house

"I inherited property from my parents and started a full renovation. When I realized I didn't have the resources or time to finish, I started looking into selling. After several cash offer considerations, I chose Cash For Houses 7. They heard the details of my property, presented a fair all cash offer and finished the repairs themselves!"




Cash For Houses Near Me!

In need of cash for houses near me? We purchase real estate for cash in the United States and Canada. We are cash home buyers who focus on offering homeowners fast solutions to their real estate troubles. If you are going through a difficult time, a home sale without repairs or a real estate agent may be a good fit!


We purchase real estate across the entire US and Canada through our network of local investors on the ground in every real estate market (from rural towns to major cities).

As home buyers, we buy single-family homes, townhomes, condos, duplexes, buildings, and multi-family houses.

We've helped so many homeowners who need to sell real estate without the stress! Find out what we can offer for your house by submitting our form now!


Get Cash For My House!

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Cash For Houses 7 - Real Estate FAQ

Getting cash for your house is simple, but there are pros and cons, which can bring up a lot of questions... "Are cash offers for houses scams?" or "How much will investors pay for my house?" These are great questions to get answered before signing a contract with a cash buyer or real estate agent.

1. Are cash offers for houses legit?

Cash offers for houses can be legit if you are working with a trustworthy cash buyer.

Many sellers get cash offers from multiple real estate investors and we buy houses companies and then choose the highest offer...

More often than not, the highest cash offer is not the most legit. Companies play games where they make a really high offer, get you to sign the contract, and then come back to renegotiate a lower price.

Read each real estate contract thoroughly before signing. At Cash For Houses 7, we do not renegotiate. What we offer in cash is what you receive at closing.

2. what does cash for homes mean?

Cash for homes means the homeowner selling their home receives money that did not come from a mortgage lender or hard money lender in exchange for the seller's home.

The money comes from a cash buyer typically in the form of real estate investors or companies that buy houses for cash. It is less common for a cash buyer to be found on the open market unless it's a seller's market.

Cash For Houses 7 makes fast cash offers for real estate and has been helping homeowners since 2019. Contact us today to get started on your free offer!

3. Is selling your house for cash a good idea?

There are pros and cons to everything including selling your house for cash.

The pros of selling your house for cash are you get to sell without making repairs, cleaning, finding an agent, paying agent commission or fees, hiring a home inspector, scheduling an appraisal, leaving for showings, and waiting an unknown amount of time to find a buyer who will actually close on your house.

The cons of selling your house for cash are you need to filter through the companies and investors that are scams. You also need to make sure the offer you receive for your real estate is fair.

4. How can i get the most money for my house?

There are several options to get the most money for your house that depend on the current condition.

If your house is move-in ready, a retail buyer on the open market will be able to offer the most money for your house. An agent is recommended over FSBO.

If your house requires a lot of work, investors who flip real estate will be able to offer the most for your house.

If you're considering selling as-is, get multiple cash offers from companies that buy houses before spending time and money on repairs or locking yourself into a contract with a real estate agent.

5. Which is better offerpad or opendoor?

Offerpad and Opendoor are similar companies that both buy houses for cash in a small portion of real estate markets across the US. They charge a service fee (similar to agent commission) ranging from 5% to 10%.

If you want to avoid fees and work with a local cash buyer who specializes in your market, contact us today. (833) 207-1210

6. Are companies that buy houses for cash legit?

There are legitimate companies that buy houses for cash. However, not all house buying companies are legit.

Do your research before signing with a cash buyer. If an offer for your house is way higher than the rest, that cash buyer is most likely going to lower their offer after a "bad" home inspection.

Ask investors for proof of closed transactions.

7. How much will an investor pay for my house?

Many investors pay a flat percentage of the value of the home (typically no higher than 70 cents on the dollar).

However, good investors will do their research and curate a custom offer for your home based on several factors including condition, location, market conditions, etc.

At Cash For Houses 7, we do not autogenerate offers. We check out every home before we make an offer, so that you get the fairest purchase price.

8. What is the best company to sell my home?

The best company to sell your home is the company that isn't going to take advantage of you. Look for a company that has good communication, is honest, transparent, and can offer a fair price for your house.

Most of the national house buying companies and iBuyers charge service fees and don't serve every market. This is where Cash For Houses 7 is different.

We have a team of home buyers on the ground in every market ready to help you sell your house fast and easy.


Sellers Who Sold Houses For Cash!

We know every seller has options, which is why we're grateful that so many sellers have picked us to help them sell their real estate fast for cash! We've earned a reputation for our faster and simpler selling process compared to working with real estate agents. But, you don't just have to take our word for it... Check out each review from our sellers!

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make cash for my house

"I was excited to downsize, but didn't know how to repair some of the water damaged areas my home had. When I saw the cost of repairs, I wished someone else could do it for me. As it turned out, Cash For Houses 7 had a friendly team interested in my property, even with the water damage repairs needed. I had a wonderful experience with this team."

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cash for houses reviews

"Divorce brought a list of problems that took all the free time and savings I had. Selling our home was at the bottom of our list and we dreaded the thought. Cash For Houses 7 honestly made this a breeze for us and it seemed like record timing! They took care of all closing costs so we didn't have to. This company was a life saver!"

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cash for houses scams

"My brother was getting married and looking to move with his new family, but it meant we had to sell our condo. I didn't trust the realtor we originally contacted, so I gave Cash For Houses 7 a call. They ended up being amazing! As two homeowners, we felt like we were in great hands at Cash For Houses 7 and were pleased with the cash offer."


Sell Your House Fast For Cash!

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