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How We Buy Houses

Cash For Your House in 1, 2, 3... 

Step 1:

Fill out the below form or give us a call at (833) 207-1210.

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Step 2:

We connect you to a local cash buyer and will be presented with your offer.

Step 3:

You'll choose your ideal closing date and receive your all cash offer!

What Information Do You Need?

Your email and property address will be a great starting point. After submitting our short form, you can enter further information in Step 2, like if repairs are needed.

Additionally, we are interested in your ideal timeline, your property's condition, when you purchased it, and why you're interesting in selling.

All of the above information helps connect you to the best fit local cash buyer in your area. When we're able to align you with the ideal, best fit buyers, your house will sell ASAP!


How Do You Calculate My Offer?


βœ“   Repairs Costs: Your home's market value once we buy and renovate your house.

βœ“   After Repair Value: We'll estimate our cost to update and renovate your house to meet current market conditions.

βœ“   Selling Costs: We'll also estimate our total cost for selling commissions, excise tax, property tax, utilities, insurance (title and property and escrow fees). Typically around 10% of the ARV.

βœ“   Return on Investment: This includes what we pay our contractors and how we keep our business running!

How Can I Get In Contact With You?

Our preference is the below form so we can gather the details of your property and prepare for our initial phone call. If you'd prefer to call or email us, we would be happy to connect regardless! Call us at (833) 207-1210.

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Cash For Houses 7 vs. Realtors

Let’s compare the Cash For Houses 7 home selling journey to selling the traditional way with realtors…

Cash For Houses 7

βœ“ Sell without repairs

βœ“ Formal inspections not needed

βœ“ Open houses or showings don't happen

βœ“ No appraisal or financing contingencies

βœ“ No added fees and 0% commission

βœ“ You pay no closing costs

βœ“ Close in 7-28 days


β€’ Repairs are needed prior to the sale

β€’ Inspections are necessary

β€’ Time added by multiple showings

β€’ Appraisals come back low, dropping the sales price

β€’ Typically 6% commission

β€’ Closing costs are expensive

β€’ Close with 60-90 days

Many Happy Clients!

Since 2019, Cash For Houses 7 has been known for quick trunaround times, a simple selling process and fair cash offers. Check out some reviews from our clients!


Jamie N.

Elba, AL

selling as is without realtors

"To me, selling is a huge deal. This was my childhood home and needed many repairs before selling. Cash For Houses 7 had a very open and honest discussion about my property, then came back with a great offer. Working with them was stress free and I'm glad I didn't need repairs!"


Troy A.


selling as is without realtors

"My wife and I had devastating fire damage to part of our house jus months before we wanted to sell. We didn't think it was possible, but after connecting with Cash For Houses 7, we were so pleased with the cash offer they presented to us and we accepted immediately!"


Keke S.


selling as is without realtors

"I needed the cash from the sale of my home as soon as possible and didn't have time to deal with realtor companies and fees. Overall, my timeline with Cash For Houses 7 was just one month and I was grateful for the all cash offer. I would recommend this team to anyone."


Stress Free. Fast Cash. 7 Days.

In just 7 days, Cash For Houses 7 can help sell your property, even if there are issues with the home. Fire damage, tenant issues, facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, repairs and renovations; we've seen it all with our clients! Since 2019, we've helped hundreds of homeowners and we can't wait to connect with you!

Our team will connect you with buyers in your local market that align with your specific needs. We handle the stress and added fees so you can have a great, quick sale! For your all cash offer, connect with us today. We look forward to hearing about your home.

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